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Maha Agro Ltd is a company established with a mission to build trust, confidence, and commitment for every product and service we provide to farmers and the farming industry.

We remain committed to sustainable agriculture practices and aim to bring a broader suite of products, technologies, and services to the market, serving our farmers in a better way while meeting and exceeding their expectations of productivity and profitability.

Fertilizers Matters to Sustainable Development

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Plant health begins with strong roots, yet farmers often overlook them. Healthy roots act as anchors, drawing water and nutrients from the soil to nourish leaves and ensure a bountiful harvest. The root system, beneath the surface, functions like a spiderweb, playing four vital roles in overall plant health.


Healthy roots serve to secure a plant to the ground. Without a healthy root system, a plant is not stable and will likely be carried away by wind or washed away through soil erosion. The larger a plant’s root system, the more surface area is covered. As the surface area increases, a plant is better positioned to thrive.


The root system is the conduit through which plants are able to draw water and essential nutrients from the ground. It also works as a storage unit to protect plants from times of drought, as a plant’s root system is able to store excess water for later use.


Picture your plants’ roots as straws the plant uses to suck up nutrients that ensure crop development through the growth cycle. Thicker roots can suck up more nutrients at once, while longer roots can reach further into the plant’s rhizosphere.


Roots condition the plant's rhizosphere by secreting compounds that affect the soil's microorganisms, such as helping to protect the plant from disease and encouraging it to absorb nutrients from the soil. This ultimately strengthens the plant by increasing its capacity to take up nutrients.

So how do you get a system of good, healthy roots?

Plants need specific nutrients from the soil to grow well. Over time, these nutrients decrease, and if not replenished, plants stop growing. To ensure your plants thrive, use HUMICRON (Maha Product), Maha ELE-Mycorrhiza, Orthosilica, and Tio-Tiko (soil conditioners) throughout the season. While plants naturally absorb nutrients from their surroundings, Maha ELE-Mycorrhiza, Orthosilica, and Tio-Tiko enhance this process, providing a broader range of nutrients than the soil alone.

Our products help restore 'ORGANIC CARBON' in the rhizosphere, promoting beneficial soil microbes and maintaining soil health for better plant growth and yield. Maha ELE-Mycorrhiza, Orthosilica, HUMICRON, MAHA PLANT BOOSTER, and TIO-TIKO create a strong foundation by improving root growth and supporting healthy microbial populations.

You can achieve this by using MAHA AGRO PRODUCTS with care and patience.

  • Increased yield
  • Improved quality
  • Larger plants
  • Healthier soil
  • Higher nutrient levels
  • leading to a very good harvest
  • Prioritising strong
  • healthy roots will bring more joy to your flowers and plants

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