Thrips Kranti is aimed at reducing the infestation of thrips with the help of naturally occurring invaluable chemicals as well as bringing it under control. Which interferes with the process of infestation of thrips upon contact. Thrips Kranti is an organic pest controller, controlling organisms, pests, etc. by other natural substances. Other natural chemicals in it also provide micronutrients to plants. Due to which the plant keeps growing. Thrips Kranti can be used when the thrips infestation increases or at any stage of plant development. Fruits, flowers, shoots and leaves can be protected from thrips attack for a long time through Thrips Kranti.

Recommended Dosage:

Make a mixture of 50 ml Thrips Kranti in 15 liters of water and spray on the top and bottom of the leaf.


  • A specific target i.e. the Thrips Kranti in particular, seeks out and kills Thrips.
  • Provides micronutrients to plants.